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Los Angeles


Promote HBO’s series premiere of John From Cincinnati with a non-traditional marketing plan


This guerilla street-level marketing plan was executed prior to HBO’s national media launch. RRE’s teams used viral and stealth tactics to saturate the streets with the John From Cincinnati title. Tactics included wild postings, homemade signs, in-store paging, on-site giveaways, street promotions and restaurant activation, among others.
Teams focused on engaging the consumer by targeting specific sectors of Los Angeles from morning to night, blanketing hotspots and highly trafficked areas. For example, while one team focused on LAX, another team targeted the Valley; later, another team scoured volumes of bars and clubs. All marketing efforts were documented for HBO..


The street teams successfully saturated prime attention-getting locations including Fairfax District, Universal Studios, Santa Monica, Melrose Avenue, Hollywood, Venice Beach and Silver Lake. The wild postings—particularly missing cat or dog flyers—immediately generated attention and even questions from onlookers. Homemade signs—whether written on fluorescent poster board, balloons, lollipops or shirts—also garnered a high number of impressions. Overall, the street teams increased the public’s awareness of the show’s premiere and created countless impressions with viral and stealth marketing tactics. The client was pleased with the success of the campaign.