Street World - Urban Art & Culture From 5 Continents


Hardback 375-page book


Thames & Hudson (U.K.), Abrams (U.S.), National Geographic (Germany), as well as large publishers in Spain and France

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Thanks to ease of travel and the Internet, in less than a generation, a new global street culture has emerged, bringing all of the world’s diverse subcultures and modes of urban expression together. Graffiti, skateboarding, DJing, offbeat fashion, gang life and music, as well as design, photography and other more traditional visual arts are just some of the facets of this thriving intercontinental vein of creativity.

RRE was chosen to compile, write and design this book because of its broad connections in worldwide culture and access to the people who create it.

Street World is the first book to document street art and life in cultural hotspots around the globe. It captures street culture in more than 1,000 stunning images and an authoritative text. Divided into more than 50 topics, including “Looking Good/South African Townships,” “Getting Around/ Skateboarding – Japan” and “Coming Together/Festival Kids,” Street World celebrates the visual creativity of a generation.


The U.S. edition’s first printing was so successful that a second print run was decided upon immediately. The publisher printed co-editions with four international publishers, resulting in over 100,000 copies.