Juxtapoz Book Series


Hardbound book series


Gingko Press & Juxtapoz Magazine


Juxtapoz: Illustration (2008)
Juxtapoz: Tattoo (2008)
Juxtapoz: Car Culture (2009)
Juxtapoz: Poster Art (2009)

RRE Service

Custom Publishing


Famous pop-culture art magazine Juxtapoz wanted to extend its brand into the book genre and asked RRE to curate, produce, write and design the series. The four books each focus on one pop-culture theme, featuring 25-plus top-notch artists in their respective fields.
Juxtapoz: Illustration features artists such as MODE 2, KozynDan, Mike Giant, James Jean, Evan Hecox, Grotesk, Alex Pardee, Jeremy Fish and Morning Breath.
Juxtapoz: Tattoo focuses on artists who came up at the beginning of tattooing’s modern renaissance in the mid-1990s but are steeped nonetheless in the traditions of their craft. Featured tattooists include Mister Cartoon, Mark Mahoney, Kat Von D and many others.
Juxtapoz: Car Culture exhibits work from classic and current artists in the car-culture scene who showcase automobiles in their works of art.
Juxtapoz: Poster Art includes screen prints from such notables as Aesthetic Apparatus, Little Friends of Printmaking and Seripop.


The Illustration and Tattoo books were in their second printing within months of their release. The books are distributed in select locations, including art galleries and museum shops throughout the U.S. The success of Illustration and Tattoo led Juxtapoz to come to RRE to create two more volumes, Car Culture and Poster Art.