Boosted Mobile Graffiti Tour


Boosted Mobile / Sprint

RRE Service

Influencer Marketing & Web Content


Atlanta (Little Five points), Austin (South District), Los Angeles (Melrose Area), New York (Brooklyn), Philadelphia (South Street), San Francisco (Mission District)


Employ street-level mural activation in a national tour to increase awareness of the Boosted brand and website


RRE selected three respected graffiti artists—Retna, Revok and Saber—to participate in the six-city tour. High-profile outdoor walls were scouted and secured by RRE in heavily trafficked areas of each city. The artists painted each wall over a three-day period, which allowed onlookers to watch their progress and increased impressions. At each location, the artists interacted with locals—talking, taking pictures and signing items.

We placed a Boosted brand representative at each location to discuss the Boosted project and hand out posters. The posters were designed by RRE and featured work by the artists. the entire tour was documented by both a photographer and videographer in each city, then we added the content to the Boosted website blog. RRE organized and executed all aspects of the tour.


The murals at the selected urban locations attracted the target demographic and were seen by countless passersby and drivers. People were able to interact with prolific graffiti artists on site, which created a dialogue between the brand and consumers, and added credibility to Boosted. The tour succeeded in getting people’s attention, and driving them to the Boosted website to find out more about the brand’s agenda and products.