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Create a collectible book to celebrate Sanrio’s 50th anniversary; implement a cross-country promotional tour; and produce a branded event and art exhibition for the client.



RRE designed and produced Small Gift, Sanrio’s 50th anniversary book. RRE’s responsibilities included photographing all of the product, writing and editing the text, creating the concept and manage all phases of production.


RRE designed and customized a truck and trailer for the Small Gift Mobile Pop-Up Shop Tour, and employed a staff to drive the truck cross-country and manage setup and teardown at each stop. The tour traveled to more than a dozen locations, including San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Sacramento, San Diego, Orange County, Las Vegas, Tempe, Austin, New Orleans, Atlanta, Miami and New York City. At each location, limited-edition Sanrio products were sold.


To coincide with Art Basel, RRE conceptualized an event and art exhibition and handled all aspects of production. RRE scouted an 8,000 square-foot warehouse space in the Wynwood Arts District, and built it out into a branded experience featuring a historical timeline, product retrospective, pop-up store, free tattoo parlor and art show consisting of more than 50 artists who re-imagined Hello Kitty or another iconic Sanrio character in their own aesthetic.



The tour generated more than 500,000 live impressions through its travels and events. The tour sold a large percentage of the limited-edition product on-site, and conducted more than 15,000 individual sales transactions. At numerous markets, a line formed as much as eight hours before the trucks arrived. The tour received TV coverage on Good Morning LA and the CBS Early Show.


More than 25,000 people attended Small Gift Miami during a three-day period, and it was one of the most talked about events of Art Basel. There was a private opening for VIPs, and the space was packed with Sanrio fans as well as an elite group of Miami locals and out-of-towners. More than 70 percent of the art sold within three days, meaning patrons took home a piece of the event that will remind them of the event and brand for years to come. Likewise, more than 400 people received branded Sanrio tattoos, permanent reminders of the event and leading to countless impressions. Small Gift Miami also received widespread press from media outlets such as Vanity Fair, Paper magazine, ARTNews, ArtForum, Inked magazine, Juxtapoz and HypeBeast.