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Influencer Marketing (Art Show Production) & Event Production


Culver City, CA


Curate four art exhibitions for Scion that appeal to the popular market, attract a wider demographic, re-position the gallery so that the public is aware that the brand is an authentic supporter of the arts, and reaches new media outlets. .


RRE conceptualized four individual art shows for the Scion Space. The four shows were Rooms, Palate, Ed Emberley & Friends and ZPFfffft!!! with Gary Panter. For the purpose of this study, we will focus on Rooms.


For this exhibition, RRE transformed the entire Scion space into an installation. The 4,200 square-foot space was built out with walls so that there were a total of eight adjoining rooms. Each room was assigned to an artist, who created a room using paint, furniture, knickknacks and more. In addition, the artist’s work was hung on the walls of their designated room, and made available for purchase. The participating artists were a diverse group who would not normally show together, making walking into each room an exciting new experience. For example, Kime Buzzelli created a Wiccan parlor complete with collected objects and her feminine, fanciful art; historian Bill Daniel crafted the bedroom of a suburban teenager gone bad with punk T-shirts, bike parts, crumpled homework and a homemade video on loop; Adam Wallacavage’s surreal octopus chandeliers and other Victorian oddities filled his nautical-themed living room; and Dueling VHS, a four-person comedy team, built a retro den of TVs playing their hilarious episodes.


To coincide with Art Basel, RRE conceptualized an event and art exhibition and handled all aspects of production. RRE scouted an 8,000 square-foot warehouse space in the Wynwood Arts District, and built it out into a branded experience featuring a historical timeline, product retrospective, pop-up store, free tattoo parlor and art show consisting of more than 50 artists who re-imagined Hello Kitty or another iconic Sanrio character in their own aesthetic.



The shows were a success in terms of press, sale of art and brand-name recognition. RRE secured artists and produced unique exhibitions to increase press coverage. The shows received press by media outlets such as LIFE, The Los Angeles Times, Food & Wine, Nylon, Paper, Cool Hunting and Flavorpill. The increase in press hits boosted attendance—with more than several thousand people attending each show—therefore the sale of art. Both additional press and art sales increased brand recognition as well as awareness of Scion’s support of the arts.