White Space Project W Hotels


W Hotels

RRE Service

Influencer Marketing & Custom Publishing


New York (Times Square) & San Francisco


Curate two art exhibits for W Hotels to attract the hotel’s target demographic of sophisticated, young, hip professionals


RRE presented the events through Swindle magazine. The project involved two solo art shows and opening receptions for the artists Greg Lamarche and Chris Yormick. We chose and secured the artists based on the desires and themes of W Hotels. Custom invitations were designed to promote the events. The event was also promoted on the front page of the Swindle website, listed on the W Happenings webpage, and sent to a select list of VIPs.

Each event featured a popular DJ and drinks provided by a liquor sponsor. Swindle designed and printed 200 limited-edition posters, which were hung in the hotel and given away in gift bags. Each guest also received a copy of Swindle, which included a 16-page booklet on the artists. The artist booklet was designed by Swindle and tastefully branded with the W Hotels logo. It was inserted within the regular content of the magazine to secure impressions. After the shows, the artwork was hung in the lobbies for an extended period of time and made available for sale.


More than 800 people attended the San Francisco and New York opening receptions, exceeding expectations. Impressions were also generated through the custom booklet in Swindle, which maintains a circulation of 80,000. The show attracted Swindle’s core audience of influencers, as well as the target demographic, who became familiar or re-acquainted with the W Hotels brand.