Deathbowl to Downtown


Mirrorball / Mountain Dew / Six Stair Productions

RRE Service

Brand Development & Website Development


Design and produce all packaging materials, the main logo and website for the skate documentary film Deathbowl to Downtown – The Evolution of Skateboarding in New York City


RRE was hired by Mirrorball/Mountain Dew to work with the filmmakers to design a logo and packaging materials that accurately represented the film and would be respected by the core skate crowd. RRE designed the logo for all collateral, including DVD packaging and sleeve design. Both mass market and limited-edition movie posters were designed, produced and printed, as well as promotional postcards. T-Shirts were designed, sourced and printed by RRE. A 36-page handmade promo zine was conceptualized and produced with relevant content as well as a promotional calendar. RRE designed and developed the website for this project. The website includes exclusive clips from the film, and an extensive blog and news section.