Influencer Marketing

Event Production & Promotion

  • National Promotional Campaigns
  • Product Launches
  • Product Seeding
  • Pop-Up Brand Experiences

RRE can produce one-of-a-kind events for your brand’s campaign on a local or national level. We can secure a unique venue, find appropriate sponsorship, hire security, procure insurance, acquire proper documentation and oversee advertising and promotions. We can find the most unique and trendsetting talent to perform, and build a distinctive event space. For product launches, RRE can create pop-up stores or seed items to tastemakers to maximize product visibility. With our vast network of figures from the worlds of art, design, music, fashion and media, we can create industry buzz that will bring your event authenticity and style.

Alternative Outdoor Advertising

  • Guerilla & Permitted Street Team Marketing
  • Art & Graffiti Wall Mural Advertising
  • Wild Posting Campaigns

RRE has produced hundreds of wall murals across the country, bringing street-level buzz straight to target audiences. The best artists in the graffiti and street art scenes create our murals, and their striking imagery targets hip, city-dwelling consumers in a variety of neighborhoods.

We can find the best artist for your campaign style and design a mural that suits your needs, or we can take an existing design and duplicate it. We will maintain upkeep of the mural, checking it daily for possible damage. We can also document the process with photography and film services.

We also offer street teams, wild postings and all-city campaigns.

Screen-Printing Events

  • Interactive Consumer Experiences

The interactive art of screen-printing is a creative way to connect with consumers at tradeshows, concerts, festivals, red-carpet venues, store openings, hotel events or other private parties. At screen printing events, our in-demand artists create custom, personalized screen-printed items that attendees can take home with them.

The audience takes part in the production of the screen print, picking from a selection of designs that are printed on tastefully branded items—from tote bags to T-shirts and beyond. RRE will take care of all of the details—including bringing the equipment, making the screens and providing the screen printers.

Art Show Production

  • Curation
  • Implementation
  • Installation

Art shows are great venues to reinforce your brand’s message and reach a sophisticated audience of trendsetters. Using an art show as a platform, you can shape the aesthetic of your campaign, legitimize your brand and expand your market by reaching out to an artist’s fanbase.

With an extensive background in curating, installing and promoting art shows, we can create an art-centric event that introduces your brand to new audiences. We can work with a venue of your choice, or secure a unique location that matches your campaign. We can also find the artist whose work fits with your brand’s message, and engage our network of trendsetters in the worlds of art, fashion, music and media to bring your event genuine panache.

Media Outreach

  • Art-Related Public Relation Services

RRE public relations capabilities include planning, documenting and executing strategic media plans. RRE can handle your press and publicity needs, targeting media outlets that align your message with influencer and mainstream audiences. Using our available resources, honed through years of experience in covering art, design, fashion, culture and lifestyle, we can cultivate a plan that will place you in front of your desired demographic through tactical print, online and viral outreach. With an emphasis on art-related branding, we have valuable connections and networks at our fingertips that will place your brand or project in the spotlight of the global art market.