Custom Publishing

Print Media

  • Books
  • Magazines
  • Brand Catalogs

RRE can produce one-of-a-kind books, catalogs and magazines to showcase your product or brand. These top-quality collectible publications can stay on coffee tables and bookshelves for years, and reinforce the visual aesthetic of your brand.

In publishing a visually stunning, culture-influencing magazine and top-quality art books, RRE has been behind some of the country’s most successful independent pop-culture publications.

Print Production

  • Design & Layout
  • Production
  • Printing
  • Traditional & Alternative Distribution

RRE can take your brand’s images and package them into a sought-after publication. RRE can oversee the project from pre-production through to printing and distribution.

With a network of world-class photographers, stylists, editors, illustrators and designers, we can conceptualize visually stunning publications that will reinforce your brand’s message with a sophisticated, cutting-edge aesthetic.

We can secure distribution that will reach your target audience, selling at major chain stores, museum shops and specialized boutiques.